I Can't Believe It's Not Lard! (1999)

The definitive collection of Severed Heads covers by various list members.

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Track Listing

1. Blast Pattern 7 Miles [7.9MB]
2. Mic Berends Big Blue Is Back [5.1MB]
3. Snafoo Corporation Big Car [8.3MB]
4. The Wiper Confidence [7.8MB]
5. !!* Exploring the Secrets of Treating Deaf Mutes [5.5MB]
6. Cannibaloney Estrogen [5.7MB]
7. Lord Humungus First Steps [6.3MB]
8. High Priests of Memphis Sydney Quads and the Megascope Space Probe [4.7MB]
9. Ed Boland Goodbye [5.4MB]
10. Hammerspace Twenty Deadly Diseases [7.0MB]
11. Darwin Grosse Mad Dad Mangles a Strad/Nighttime Falls [4.2MB]
12. All American Girl Severed Heads Tribute Band Son Of.../Greater Reward [10.3MB]
13. Tractor Beam All Stars Sam Loves You [3.4MB]
14. Carya Amara Big Car [10.2MB]
15. Stephen Jones Nation [6.0MB]

Cover Art

I Can't Believe It's Not Lard! covers Front Back

Credits and Cover Notes

Compiled by Humungus Parts and Labor, March - May 1999. Mastered by Dan Vuletich and Lord Humungus. Cover Design by Bernie Maier. Layout by Humungus Parts and Labor.

Blast Pattern
Michael Caisley
Mic Berends
Mic Berends
Snafoo Corporation
Jakob Winnberg
The Wiper
Pascal Blin
Bernie Maier
Jonathan Parrish, Shawn Pinchbeck
Lord Humungus
Lord Humungus
High Priests of Memphis
Daryn LeHoux, Matt Stevens
Ed Boland
Ed Boland
Dave Watson
Darwin Grosse
Darwin Grosse
All American Girl Severed Heads Tribute Band
Lx Rudis
Tractor Beam All Stars
Eric Nofsinger
Carya Amara
Kevin Busby
Stephen Jones
Stephen Jones

Thanks to: Dan Vuletich, The Beast, Richard Macintyre and all the Cliffords for their time and effort. Special thanks to Unca Tom Ellard.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 Compact Disc
% Daily Value of Total Fat: 100%

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