Welcome to the Clifford Pub. Relax, enjoy a drink, listen to the resident bands and perhaps bask in the history of it all.

Background Info

If you are a new visitor, you may be wondering what the locals are on about. Well, first you need to understand that clifford is actually more of a description in this context, rather than a proper noun. A clifford is a fan who is reluctant to move on; in the specific context here they are a person who is interested in the work of Severed Heads. In particular, they were probably once subscribed to the Severed Heads mailing list in one or other of its historical forms.

Now, the Severed Heads mailing list was modelled loosely on an Australian pub (loud, spirited, raucous, occasionally abusive). Well, the Clifford Pub here is a representation of that pub. It is the home of collective clifford activities, especially the legendary clifford compilations. This is to be distinct from Sevcom, which is the home of Severed Heads' activities and is also distinct from the many and varied individual clifford activities (many of which are hosted at the gallery space at Sevcom). As the home of collective clifford activities, in the spirit of word play that some of us enjoy, the pub in Clifford Pub could also stand for publishing.

The Severed Heads mailing list closed in February 2005, however community activities continued with the Sevcom galleries, new lists, Bulletin Board Systems (first private and then a web forum) and more compilations. The last incarnation of the BBS (Twister 5) closed in March 2008, and while the Exiles list continues, it has been augmented with a new web forum where many members of the old communities are partying on into the early hours.

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