The Day of the Cliffords

The Severed Heads mailing list, by its very nature, includes people who make their own music. Some of these people make their living from music, others (like me) make music as a hobby. Since we were curious about the music made by each other, we started to produce compilations of our tracks; these have become known as clifford compilations.


The compilations produced so far are:

Occasional Mushy Loon (1996)
A cassette of originals by various list members. Compiled by Claude Malan and mastered by Scorbie.

A remastered CD-R release is planned, David Ashton has done the remastering, and I am simply delaying on the artwork.

I Can't Believe it's not Lard! (1999)
The definitive collection of Severed Heads covers by various list members. CD-R compiled by Lord Humungus and Dan Vuletich.
Lard Motel/Succulent (2001)
One CD of twisted, humourous cover versions and one CD of originals by various list members. Double CD-R compiled by Ed Boland.
Mangled by the Tool of Satan (2002)
Heavy metal songs done in electronic or other radically different styles, and electronic (or other non-HM) songs done in a heavy metal style. Double CD-R compiled by James Gallagher and Grayden Hanson.

In Progress

This is being compiled by Tim Berblang. The theme is a mysterious creature called an aye-aye. It is due in August 2008.


Lounge/kitsch/space rock
This is being compiled by Cedric Caspesyan. It is a multi-CD set with ambitious ideas for the artwork. It is delayed due to unfortunate ill-health and difficulties getting the artwork together.


Do Exactly What We Say Or You're Through In This Business, Kid

The theme is interpreting pop. The only criterion is that you genuinely believe your submission to be pop music. It was being co-ordinated by Kay Orchison ("k").

Tristan Mason proposed a new compilation with a theme of children's songs.

David Ashton proposed a retro compilation with a theme of reel-to-reel tape. Submissions were to be delivered on tape, and contributors sent a tape of the completed compilation.

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