Mangled by the Tool of Satan (2002)

We thought that sounded like a great name for a compilation, and so it was born. With a title like that, the theme just had to be heavy metal, though how that theme was interpreted was subject to a great deal of variation. As well as some original tracks, this includes covers of heavy metal songs done in electronic or other radically different styles, and covers of electronic (or other non-HM) songs in a heavy metal style. Sevs covers feature quite a bit on this compilation, too. The double CD-R was compiled by James Gallagher and Grayden Hanson.

Listen to low-bandwidth MP3Pro streams of Mangled by the Tool of Satan CD 1 and CD 2 courtesy of Sevcom, or download high-quality VBR MP3 copies of each track below.

Track Listing

CD 1
1. Hellhound Ex Inferis [3.0MB]
2. Lord Humungus Mycenean [6.2MB]
3. DJ Do Anarchy in the UK [5.3MB]
4. auto_horatio (with special guest star Tom Selleck) (De)conditioning [9.3MB]
5. !!* holtrlrd [6.2MB]
6. Hammerspace ANIMal [7.1MB]
7. Transcendental Headache Short Songs [4.8MB]
8. Lx Rudis Devil's Cock [3.7MB]
9. Sweet Ohm T.N.T. [5.2MB]
10. The Rain + the Sidewalk Propellor [3.8MB]
11. Harold + Cindy Hospital Gored in the USA [8.6MB]
12. David Ashton Havoc [6.7MB]
13. Lew et al Mine Sweet Chile (pts 1 + 2) [3.0MB]
14. Cock Velocity Twister [5.7MB]
15. The Lexie Downer Cabaret Experience I Was Made For Lovin' You [4.6MB]
16. XLtierack German Shepherds [8.3MB]
17. Sentiment Our Own Home [12.0MB]
18. Dnuohlleh Sirefni Xe [0.9MB]
CD 2
1. Dirty Mind The Depths/Golden Height (Collision mix) [5.3MB]
2. XLtierack Dressed in Air [6.4MB]
3. The Daylight Complex Flaming Telepaths [7.7MB]
4. Nunya Paraoi4wd [4.7MB]
5. The Choir Invisible Big Sister's Hawaiian Shirt [3.9MB]
6. !!* Nevaeh ot Yawriats [8.7MB]
7. The Rain + the Sidewalk Supernaut [8.5MB]
8. Cannibaloney Gor Gor [9.1MB]
9. Carya Amara Play from Your Heart [8.4MB]
10. Traumatized Dog Mangled with Fleas [4.4MB]
11. Den Eck Decibels [17.5MB]
12. DJ Do Adolf a Carrot [6.1MB]
13. Sentiment Death to Metal [3.8MB]
14. Pacmen Big Blue is Back [5.9MB]

Track 18 of CD 1 is uncredited on the CD cover.

Cover Art

Mangled by the Tool of Satan covers Skin Outer front Outer back Inner #1 front Inner #1 back Inner #2 front Inner #2 back

Credits and Cover Notes

From the outer sleeve, followed by image credits from the inner sleeves:

  mangled by the tool of satan
  sacrelicious serenades by the cliffords
  cover image by grayden 'no relation' hanson
  mastered by james 'kill me now' gallagher
  skinslip by garth 'big g' scamp

  images by sb stokes

  cover image by alexc
  insert image by lance baird
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