Lard Motel/Succulent (2001)

Lard Motel is a CD of twisted, humourous cover versions and Succulent is a CD of originals by various list members. The double CD-R was compiled by Ed Boland.

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Track Listing

Lard Motel
1. Introduction [0.7MB]
2. Starland Vocal Band presents Silly German Accent [7.4MB]
3. Severed Heads presents auto_horatio [6.1MB]
4. Mel Tillis vs Kenny Rogers presents Carya Amara [7.2MB]
5. Van Halen presents Lord Humungus [8.2MB]
6. Barry Manilow presents Catalyst [5.5MB]
7. Joey Scarbury presents Cannibaloney [4.8MB]
8. Olivia Newton-John presents Silica Gel [4.2MB]
9. C.W. McCall present Close 'n' Play [5.8MB]
10. Kraftwerk presents !!* [7.8MB]
1. Buttload Product Placement [1.7MB]
2. Catalyst Disappointed [4.3MB]
3. Warhol Slave Eighteen [3.9MB]
4. Silica Gel Hungry & Greedy [1.4MB]
5. !!* Our National Sport (Woeful olympic marathon TV coverage mix) [10.0MB]
6. Lord Humungus Protective Cloud Layer [6.2MB]
7. Patrick Hurley Completely Relaxed [4.6MB]
8. Warhol Slave Sixty Four [4.5MB]
9. The Biltong Brother Message Gone Astray (Rust Windhoek Club mix) [6.9MB]
10. Patrick Hurley Frenchy [2.3MB]
11. Cannibaloney Demonstructor [7.2MB]
12. Coklacoma Cicada Hammer (live) [6.0MB]
13. Carya Amara Psychic Epidemic [5.4MB]
14. Conjoined Fetal Twins Trois [4.2MB]

An uncredited bonus track is merged in after the end of track 10 on Lard Motel. It is indicated as (11.) in the track listing above, although there is no separate track index on the CD. The track is not by !!*, and is presumably by Ed Boland as the compiler of the CD.

Cover Art

Lard Motel/Succulent covers Lard Motel Succulent

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